sue walker:

Sue Walker has had a life-long fascination with artists and the arts. As Director of the Victorian Tapestry Workshop (now Australian Tapestry Workshop) for 28 years she instigated a unique collaborative enterprise, working with artists and clients, curating exhibitions, writing catalogues, and speaking about tapestry to audiences throughout the world.

Her major publication Artists’ Tapestries from Australia sums up those years with authority and passion.

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sue walker

artists' tapestries from australia

‘…an unprecedented, definitive, thorough account of the history of the VTW and its artists such as has never before been published about any tapestry workshop or studio

…beautifully presented this fabulous publication is an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone with an interest in tapestry.’ Debbie Herd in Tapestry Topics from The American Tapestry Alliance

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